VOID 2021

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The Strutless VOID 2nd gen, now a do it all Kite! With the exploding new craze of Foiling heavy set in, we put our efforts into a really fresh design specific for technical and Freestyle Foiling, but didn't forget the need for Twin Tip Freeriding and also Wave Kiting categories.

The Gen2 2021 design has an even more swept LE, closed ARC shape and finely tuned LE and Bridle positioning to alleviate the inversion and buckling that some heavy riders experienced with Gen1.

The steering is precise and direct even at full depower, the loops a small and tight. Bar stroke progressive yet still maintaining a stall-less sheeting power even as the wind is strong. This Kite is amazingly agile and light in feel.

The 2021 VOID Range is the same Kite specifics throughout the range, as it works perfectly the same in every size!

Available in meters:  3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12

Additional: Kite platform is similar to any strutless kites on the market, however we feel we have really advanced with our 2nd Gen in its highly swept LE design, Bar stroke and feel, precise and direct turning even when completely depowered. With the new Anti stalling bridle configuration its a jumping and freeriding weapon!

"Note: colours/shades may vary from images shown"