JINX 2021

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HYDE KITES 2nd gen WAVE KITE has evolved from the years of leading wave kite designs from BWS former designer Dano See. Fast pivot turning with smooth medium bar pressure make the JINX an awesome surfing machine, while dueling as a high powered Freestyle jumping and mega kite looping Kite! The fast acceleration of the Jinx gets you out of any wave predicament and the flawless wave riding DRIFT make for any perfect down the line or onshore surf break. This is an all in 1 wave/freestyle Kite suited to any conditions and developed by riders. JINX Gen2 has added sizes to the range and higher AR from 9m and bigger. The small sizes remain the ultimate high wind and stable wave designs from Gen1 which also pair as perfect foiling kites from the increased stability. Bridles are tuned for more bar feel and direct touch steering.

Available sizes in meters: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13


There are many Kites in the Wave/Freestyle categroy which all perform well for jumping and Freestyle, but whats unique about the JINX is that it still has the Maximum Drift characteristics which all BWS Kites were well known for. Drift is the most important thing when riding waves, your kite needs to sit in a position waiting for rider input to maximize critical sections on the wave. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS!!

" Note: colours/shades may vary from images shown"